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High Mountain Furries

Wild and Free

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This is a place for us furs in the northern rockies region. You know, that step child of geography including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alberta, and Eastern British Columbia. We're too far inland to be pacific or coastal, to rugged to be plains or "heartland".

I am shadowfox24 and I'll be your pilot for this flight of fancy. Frolic and play here, for it is good.

RULES: While I hope to leave things to their own course some basics will apply

The occasional color commentary is fine as many of us are adults and it's part of life. But excessive cursing will not be tolerated.

Racist or other extreme comments are strictly prohibited.

Flame wars will get the deletion hose turned on them.

If posting any yiff or PG13 and above art place it behind a lj-cut or post a link instead.

Please keep all ads (cons, events, etc) specifically relevant to furs of the upper Mountain west.

Admins reserve the right to moderate any/all postings.